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Design my Memory Dress

    Choose your style (see our styles here), size and print placement and buy your memory dress. 
    STEP 2
      We will send you a private link to create your own interactive moodboard (like this) and share with our Master Designer all the elements that made that trip so special (pics, songs, quotes), along with your favorite colors and styles.



      STEP 3

      When you're ready, share the moodboard with our Master designer and she will start drawing your gorgeous print, based on your special travel memories:

      Together, you will co-create a print pattern inspired by YOU.

      STEP 4

      Once your gorgeous print design is ready, we will send it to you and

      You will have one full round of feedback to make sure you love it!


      STEP 5

      Choose your color way: choose your favorite of 3 unique proposals made just for you using the colors you love.

      And then it goes to print!


      What's next?

      Get excited: we will make & ship it your door in 4 weeks after your ok to print! 

       Looking forward to designing your gorgeous Memory dress together!

      Beauty and freedom for the wild at heart
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