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Moonlight drive I the inspiration

By Elisa Bozzolini 

Boho dresses made for dreamers in Mallorca.

☾ Moonlight drive - The inspiration

Inspired by some special memories made on a trip to Crete, few years ago, Moonlight drive is a celebration of all things feminine and beautiful.

It was April. The island was blooming, and as we drove along the coast, we were blessed with the sun by the day, kissed by the moon by night. 


We visited ancient archeological sites and felt the magic: the flowers, the ocean, the stars and the moon, and the quiet of a sacred place, before the start of summer. 

You’ll find all the elements of nature and the feeling of that special trip in this collection, and the colours of a season of renovation:

 Moonstone, Quartz and amethyst: The light golden of the sand, the faded pink of the rocks, and the deep blue of the Greek sea.

I hope that this little glimpse into the inspiration behind the collection brings you some beauty and lightheartedness.

I'll be back tomorrow, to share share with you the creative process behind our hand designed fabrics, colours and patterns for this new season.

With love and sunshine,