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The Memory Dress

The Memory dress is a dress inspired by you.
We co create it together, to tell the story of the most special moments
in your life. We design a piece that is made to celebrate your own beautiful story.
  • A unique, custom designed print pattern, inspired by your unique moodboard and hand designed by our Creative director and designer Elisa Bozzolini.
  • Digital printing of your print pattern onto a gorgeous Italian viscose.
  • A beautiful Memory dress, hand made by us from your custom fabric, in your favorite chosen style.
HOW IT WORKS: 4 Simple steps 


1. Order your memory dress here. You get to choose:
  • The style (shape) of the dress (4 styles available)
  • The textile pattern style  you prefer (folk/striped or all over)
  • The fabric (100% viscose or a warmer mix of 83% viscose and 13% wool)
2. Within 24 hours since we receive the payment, we'll send you a link for you to upload your favorite pictures/song lyrics/colour pallets/symbols/textile patterns you love. Time to get creative about your dream dress!
3. We sketch and colour your custom pattern and send you a digital render (.pdf file) for your approval. You have a full round of feedback for you to change anything you want in the pattern, and help us turn your desires into reality.
4. Once you are in love with the pattern, we hand make with love your custom Memory dress at our studio in Mallorca, and ship it to your door in a luxury package within 8 weeks from your approval. If we are able, we will be quicker. Please contact us if you have upcoming special dates and we will try to make it happen.


Memory Dress Boho chic

Memory Dress boho chic

Memory Dress boho chicMemory Dress boho chic 

 Looking forward to design you Memory Dress!
Order your memory dress  here