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Do you already love our bohemian styles but you would like something even more unique and special, made for you?
Would you like us to create a dress made of the fabric of your own dreams, for you to wear now and for seasons to come?

Our most personal Sunvibes,
inspired by you

Your colours, your symbols, your wishes, your spirit animals, woven into a pattern that tells your story.

Together, we make some magic happen and co-create a textile pattern to celebrate your own beautiful journey, a milestone in your life, or the dream you want to manifest.

Once you are in love with your custom print pattern, you’ll get to choose the style between our 4 iconic styles: The Roadtrip dress, the Gypset muse dress, the Caravan dress and the Free spirit Kimono.

Clients' love

The process of having the memory dress made was beyond magical. From start to finish Eli from Sunvibes guided me through: I adored putting together the mood board of symbols and meanings I wanted included in the dress and then was so impressed by her creative translation into the fabric print. She went above and beyond to make every detail perfect down to the colour, shape and style. When it arrived in the post the dress was wrapped in the most beautiful way and included a little carrier bag and scrunchie that I’ve worn every day since made of the same fabric. What a delightful and impressive way to instil the most beautiful modifies into a wearable piece of art. My heart is so full. Thank you.

Vienda @viendamaria – writer & creative, she facilitates women’s empowerment through online courses, classes & live events

My memory dress is like a special piece of artwork, one of its kind, that I can wear! It represents me and whenever I’m in it, I feel elegant and special.

Jada @J_pow_l Mum, Traveler And Entrepreneur

This dress is for sure the most special piece in my wardrobe. Every time I wear it reminds me of my first pregnancy, my first contact with motherhood and represents exactly what I felt during that time. It is so special because I get happy as soon as I wear it and one day my little girl will have it ♥️

Carlota @carlicrescent make up artist, Mama, wife. Cruelty free and vegan beauty lover.

My Memory Dress is the place where I’m happy to live. The azure bays and a sapphire ocean💙 And dream catchers, hams and beads🌟 My Memory Dress is the Quintessence of Majorca and the final result exceeded my expectations🤩😍💙

@kasia_kate_jurkowska , blogger and sustainable fashion advocate

Wearing my Sunvibes Memory Dress is like wearing my soul and my freedom on my sleeves. Everywhere I go, people ask me about it and it brings me such joy to tell the stories that are immortalized on my dress, from lanterns, to prayer gates to hot air balloons. I can't think of a more precious gift from self to self to celebrate the completion of my 100th country traveled! I have never met a more creative person as Elisa who can turn memories into beauty that you can wear. Thank you forever, I'm already looking forward to my next Memory Dress!!

@ellanylea, success coach and spiritual guide

My kimono is a beautiful compilation of memories living in Porto, Barcelona and a beautiful island of Mallorca. This is a truly unique garment in my wardrobe that tells a story of my travels. Love it!

Elizaveta, graphic designer @elizavetarasova

Elisa turned what I love into a beautiful pattern with my favourite colours and created a gorgeous dress that tells a story. I love it.

Maja Kilinga, Digital creator at @travelpalma

It was a beautiful experience to create my Memory Dress (and a collection for my shop Tree of Life, based on it) with Sunvibes. It was liberating and fun to be able to choose my own style, cut and symbols for a dress. I loved to work with mood boards and enjoyed our cosy meet ups for feedback over a cup of tea.
Participating in the making of a dress makes you value the final product so much more. Bringing our soul and heart into the fabric gives us soulful clothing, a dress to wear and treasure for life. ♡

- Linn Harsing, Owner of sustainable fashion boutique @treeoflifepalma -

I loved the process of creating my Memory dress and getting it on my door was like Christmas day! A magical, creative and fun experience

- Mia Bertozzo, Intuitive consultant and coach @mia.bertozzo -

I wanted my wedding dress to be special but not in the tradition way. So when I came across Elisa's memory dress, I knew it would be perfect for me. The process was very smooth, and everything fell into place - the symbols, the pattern and the fabric. Now that I have my wedding memory dress I love the fact that I can wear it again on many special occasions and celebrate its meaning.

- IULIA - Architect and creative at @iuliamiron -

I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to design a dress that reminds me of Oaxaca, Mexico.
Being able to share photos, memories, and seeing them alchemized in my Memory dress has been an unforgettable experience.

SASCHA - @sascha.chapman - Globetrotter, mum, yoga teacher and
founder of @zigandko yoga brand

A trip to Palma, getting to know gorgeous Mallorca island, the palm trees, the blue of the sky and the sea and white clouds over the horizon. A cute cat enjoying the sun on the terrace of Sunvibes studio. And a little birthday cake.
I wanted to weave all these memories and feelings into my custom made Memory Dress that I chose as a self present to celebrate my 60th birthday!
Elisa made it for me with lots of love and care for me, and I just love it so much. Thank you Eli

MARIA GRAZIA full time creative and plant whisperer @pedrazzinimariagrazia

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Crafted from your wild heart
Sewn with love
Created with your story in mind

The Sunvibes Memory dress package includes:

A unique, custom designed textile pattern, inspired by you and co created with you using your colours, symbols, textures.

The digital printing of your custom Sunvibes pattern onto a gorgeous Italian viscose.

🌕A beautiful Memory dress, hand crafted by us from your custom fabric, in your favourite Sunvibes style.

Are you willing to bring forth your magic and wear it?
The treasures hidden inside you are hoping you say yes!

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Week 1

Moodboard & Style

Once you shop your Memory Dress experience on our website, within 1 working day you’ll receive a welcome email with:

🔑access to your personal private moodboard

tips and suggestions on how to choose a concept for your Memory Dress and gather all the elements that are precious to you

You will have up to two weeks to complete your moodboard and let us know that we can start developing your story on fabric.

You will also get to choose your favorite among our most loved styles: Caravan dress, Fairy boho dress, Roadtrip dress, or Free spirit kimono.

Week 2-3

Your unique pattern & Colours

Once we have designed your unique pattern, you will receive via email a digital render of it in your chosen style, plus a detailed view of the pattern.

You will get a full round of feedback, to make sure it is your dream fabric.
Here is where we will apply the changes you desire to the print pattern (colour, details), if any.

Week 4-6

Fabric production

Once you are absolutely in love with the print pattern we designed for you, we will digitally print your own pattern with the highest quality at our supplier in Italy, onto the softest, luxe feeling italian viscose.

Week 7-8


As soon as we receive your fabric, we will hand craft your Memory dress (or kimono) with love and the most beautiful finishings at our studio in Palma.

Week 9


We will wrap your Memory Dress in a beautiful package, and ship it to you.

– The Memory dress –

A timeless talisman for beauty and freedom,
A piece for you to wear for seasons to come
Whenever you want to feel beautiful and free.