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ISLAND GIRLS - Meet Mireia

ISLAND GIRLS - Meet Mireia

Today I’d love to introduce you to Mireia. Island born and raised beauty, Mireia is the founder of MM Deafblind model, a project that she created to raise awareness about deafblindness. She is a pioneer in many aspects, and she was the first deafblind model working at Milan and Madrid fashion weeks. Read more about her and her work here.

Dream catcher collection 🌟                                       an ode to the sweetest season

Dream catcher collection 🌟 an ode to the sweetest season

Our autumn collection of boho dresses,
hand made in Mallorca with all the love.
Every collection starts with a feeling. A sense of the present moment, and a wish for what’s to come. This season, nature’s beauty and  the power of dreams come to life on the fabrics of our designs.
The peacock, a mysterious, and almost mythological bird, and the Native American dreamcatcher are woven into this new collection.
Island garden  🌺  A bohemian autumn story

Island garden 🌺 A bohemian autumn story

Island garden  🌺  A bohemian autumn story
Inspired by childhood memories of my great grand mother’s ever blossoming garden, and the rooftop garden that I am now learning to grow and tend to on this island home, Island garden is an ode to nature's time and cycles, and the beauty of honoring the process. 
Soft, flowing, feminine, Island Garden is a limited edition collection for you to wear and blossom wherever you go.

Clients Love

Sewing machine mastered workshop 

"Super happy that I finally learnt how to operate a sewing machine! Recommend this workshop to any keen sewers & makers. In one session we learnt the basic steps of the machine and came away with a tote bag. Look forward to coming back and learning more. Thanks again!"

Joanna W.

Sewing machine mastered workshop 

"The basic sewing class was amazing! Eli is super helpful and the shop is a cute space to work in! Now I have a tote I’ve made myself and i’m looking forward to other workshops in the future!"

Natasha S.

Dress making workshop 

"I finally did my first ever sewing class and i couldn't have asked for better! A wonderfully relaxed environment with a lovely kind teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to doing another class soon! Highly recommended!!!"

Robyn S.