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Sewing machine mastered workshop 

"Super happy that I finally learnt how to operate a sewing machine! Recommend this workshop to any keen sewers & makers. In one session we learnt the basic steps of the machine and came away with a tote bag. Look forward to coming back and learning more. Thanks again!"

Joanna W.

Sewing machine mastered workshop 

"The basic sewing class was amazing! Eli is super helpful and the shop is a cute space to work in! Now I have a tote I’ve made myself and i’m looking forward to other workshops in the future!"

Natasha S.

Dress making workshop 

"I finally did my first ever sewing class and i couldn't have asked for better! A wonderfully relaxed environment with a lovely kind teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to doing another class soon! Highly recommended!!!"

Robyn S.

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Mallorca boho days

Mallorca boho days

t is no secret that Mallorca is to us an endless source of inspiration every day,
with its laid back, boho vibes and its dreamy landscapes
 It is also no secret that we love fashion and aesthetics from the 70's and that we have a soft spot for floral patterns.
So when we spotted these amazing boho fabrics during a trip to the textile shop, we could not help but dreaming up a new collection, and start hand making few pieces that we are dreaming to wear already.
Autumn boho in Mallorca

Autumn boho in Mallorca

Since I moved to Mallorca, I've been spoilt with long summers and sweet warm autumns that quickly bring you to Christmas time.
This means that my fashion closet is filled with boho dresses, flowy skirts, and romantic blouses, that I like to style and layer with some warm cardigans (most of them, hand made) and faux furs when the cooler weather arrives. 
Boho chic Sunshine Land in Mallorca

Boho chic Sunshine Land in Mallorca

- Boho chic Sunshine Land in Mallorca . Sometimes all you need is just a little adventure with your best friends. Exploring new spots,  fully...