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How to create your own Oasis I A self care post

How to create your own Oasis I A self care post

Having a creative, growing business, with the years I have learnt that for me, phases of very intense and fulfilling creative work, are followed by days that call for rest and recharge, and if for years I was trying to be at my 120% ALL the time, I am now learning how to embrace these cycles, and am really, really happy about how things are shifting in a more positive way.
Boho dresses & Solstice blends on a Mallorca morning

Boho dresses & Solstice blends on a Mallorca morning

Earth song launch at Ziva I Boho dresses and Solstice blends
on a Mallorca Autumn Morning
One week ago we gathered with you at Beautiful Ziva to Go
to celebrate the start of the new season.

Sewing classes (and how new skills can open new doors)

  -Photo by Ilona Antina Photography-   I started with the intention to write a blog post about what you can learn during our upcoming sewing cla...

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Sewing machine mastered workshop 

"Super happy that I finally learnt how to operate a sewing machine! Recommend this workshop to any keen sewers & makers. In one session we learnt the basic steps of the machine and came away with a tote bag. Look forward to coming back and learning more. Thanks again!"

Joanna W.

Sewing machine mastered workshop 

"The basic sewing class was amazing! Eli is super helpful and the shop is a cute space to work in! Now I have a tote I’ve made myself and i’m looking forward to other workshops in the future!"

Natasha S.

Dress making workshop 

"I finally did my first ever sewing class and i couldn't have asked for better! A wonderfully relaxed environment with a lovely kind teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to doing another class soon! Highly recommended!!!"

Robyn S.