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A tribe of wise women and how their journeys shaped mine

On this International Women's day, the best gift
I would like to receive and give is Freedom.
And freedom to me is crafted out of awareness and skills.
To change what needs to be changed, reimagined, reinvented.
I believe that learning (and sometimes, consciously unlearning) these skills is a powerful tool for self liberation. And when we are free, we can set others free.
hat I do..ΩΩ-
In the past few years, I encountered a tribe of wise women on my path.
.They showed me how I could alchemize their wisdom with my own life experience, to custom design a life I truly love.
I like to call this process rewilding.
These women are my muses, soul sisters, and shaped the way I now do my business and show up in my personal life.
They (we) are changing the world, one courageous truth at a time.
I was lucky enough to meet + work with some of them in person, too. For some, the connection has been through their books and words, but equally powerful.
I hope you enjoy this selection of gems that I crafted for you and fiercely integrated (with love, AND compassion, AND patience) in the past years.  
This is my gift for you today.
My top 7 reads (or audiobooks listens during morning walks and runs) about womanhood, liberation + self compassion and - very important -  play:
Women who run with the wolves by Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés - to reconnect with your wilderness understanding the meaning of myths and archetypes.
The Yin and Yang of self compassion by Dr Kristin Neff - to learn how to give yourself a loving pat on the back and also take action with love and courage. 
Cassandra speaks by Elizabeth Lesser - to explore myths and history on a new perspective: the feminine, unheard one.
Belonging by Toko-Pa Turner - to remember yourself home, in the most poetic way. A gem to read and re-read.
Hormonal Harmony by Susanne Haegele - to reconnect with your body, embracing her strength, fragilities and unique power in each season of life.
Red Moon by Miranda Grey - to understand the beauty and power of menstrual cycle and how to live more in flow.
Pussy, a reclamation by Regena Tomasheuer - An enlightening and honest read to reconnect with your inner GPS
My 3 favorite podcasts about living in flow, authenticity and creativity:
The Spiritual Fem for her courageous talks about her own journey, hard topics and all things wilderness included.
My Muy Bueno Women in business podcast with Justine Murphy to inject some inspiration, and drive to your business and life and a reminder to stay true to yourself and your values, no matter what.
The Morgan Harper Nichols show for making the ordinary daily life moments special and precious, for the compassionate talks about creativity and her gorgeous art.


    My 4 favourite mentors I have worked with in the past 3 years. Here is what I loved and what I learnt from each of them:
    Ellany Lea to uncover your soul’s purpose, and unleash your precious potential with grace.
    Vienda Maria to learn practical tools to design and embody the life you love.
    Chloe Morris from Pink flamingo Marketing to create a marketing plan for your business that is true to you and aligned with your values and lifestyle.
    Mia Bertozzo to learn how to trust your intuition and give yourself permission to live in flow.


      The 4 online courses I am taking this spring to weave even more beauty and freedom into Sunvibes this year. 

      I hope this article sparks some joy and inspiration into this rainy Monday. 

      I hug you tight. 


      If you’d like to chat more about these topics and maybe have a mentoring session of 

      Heart rewilding with me, please drop me a line at or DM on Instagram at @sunvibespalma and I’ll get back to you with all the details for a virtual tea time with me. 




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