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Circe • The Inspiration

Inspired by the rewriting of the mesmerizing myth of Circe, our autumn collection is a triumph of storytelling, love and magic, as well as a celebration of female strength in an ever-changing world. Circe embodies the ancient yet modern archetype of the medicine woman, witch and goddess, and the power of love for oneself and all living beings.

A strong collision of powerful femininity and nostalgic romance, we imagined her on her own private island with a wardrobe consisting of only gorgeous flowing, bohemian maxi dresses.  Days are spent barefoot with her lover Odysseus, collecting herbs, and preparing her own magical potions.

To be worn from sunrise to sunset, storms and adventures, we created this collection to add power and a bit of magic into our days for now and for seasons to come. This is our personal homage to Circe and the feminine strength of alchemizing adversity into magic.

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