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Grounding yourself in changing times

A personal post 
As we transition to a new normal,
I find myself looking for some quiet time to reflect,
and intentionally choose how I want to do things.
It is like if a giant reset button has been pushed. 
It feels exciting, and a bit scary at the same time.
I’m finding this season a precious time to become a little wiser, 
more in tune with nature, plants, animals.
Reading all I can read about nature (and the Beat generation),
running in the wilderness when the sun rises,
nurturing meaningful relationships.
I’m finding that our body, that has been there for us during these past challenging months, truly deserves all the time, love and patience.
I’m sensing a reinvention, and a new need of discernment
about what we let enter our homes, our lives.
This is a visual diary of what I’m doing (and loving),
to feel grounded and connected, now more than ever.
I hope you like this personal post, and if you have any rituals and things that make your heart sing, I’d really love to hear
Thank you for being here!

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