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Loved clothes last ♡

Loved clothes last ♡
A personal post about love, clothes, sustainability and family heirloom pieces.
LOVED-CLOTHES-LAST-FASHION-REVOLUTION-2020-MALLORCAAs we step into Fashion Revolution week today,
and before revealing what we've been working on in the past months.
I thought I'd share with you a story of love, cherished garments,
and a thread weaving 4 generations of women together.
I found that by mindfully choosing garments that we truly love, we treasure and wear them for a long time because they make us feel good. This is a beautiful way to make a difference towards a more conscious fashion system, and no change is too small.
During this lockdown, I had time to look at my closet, to find what sparks joy, and what doesn't.
And I realized how some of my most beloved garments are still with me
after moving 8 times ( 3 of them, crossing countries) in the last 16 years.
So this morning I hung them all on the terrace, one next to each other
To remember the beautiful stories they hold,
Imagine all the memories
yet to be made,
And remind myself that new times await.
Here are my treasures:
Some I received as gifts, some I fell in love with, and some I dreamt up and then made myself:
To me, clothes are another language
for love and care.
A way to remember, a way to reinvent.
I hope you enjoy reading the story behind each garment,
it was so good to look back and at the same time, forward.
And what about you? Do you have cherished pieces that you'll keep forever?
Maybe some Sunvibes too? 
if you'd like to share your most beloved garments in the comment below, or on your Insta,  we'd love to see them and hear their story.
Make sure to tag @sunvibespalma so that we don't miss them ♡
Happy fashion Revolution Week Sunshines, we'll be back here soon to share with you our newest collection, Moonlight Drive.
Meanwhile, you are welcome to follow our Fashion Revolution week here.

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