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Moonlight drive I The prints and the fabrics

By Elisa Bozzolini 

Boho dresses for Dreamers, made in Mallorca.

Discover the prints and the fabrics from our newest collection

 After creating the moodboard, I always start hand sketching the elements

that speak the most to me.

I choose my favourite theme and symbols, and start drawing the print.

This time I knew I wanted to include the voice of nature.



Moonlight drive is all about the flowers blossoming, and the power of the natural elements (the moon, the stars and the waves). It's a return to Mother Earth and her cycles.

Our gorgeous fabrics are printed in Italy with much love and care, onto the softest, most flowy viscose, that makes every step you take in one of our designs a bit magical!


The colour palette speaks of the beautiful (and a bit mysterious) Greek sea, with all its legends and myths, Crete’s cliffs and beaches, and the nuances of her flowers in Spring. 

☾ Moonstone is all about the moonlight, and the sandy beaches.
☾ Amethyst is about the ocean at night, kissed by the full moon.

☾ Quartz reminds me of the islands rocky roads, and the ancient sites that we visited.
Discovering the history and spirit of the place was truly special to me.

We learnt about past traditions, and felt the magic: the beauty of nature,

and the quiet of a sacred place, before the start of summer.  

You’ll find elements and the feeling of Greece and the Mediterranean sea in this collection,

with our Sunvibes twist.



We hope you love them as much as we do.

Moonlight drive launches tomorrow, April 23rd, on a New Moon. 

 With love and sunshine,


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  • stupenda collezione non vedo l’ora di indossare il mio abito nel colore moon stone. sarà bellissimo ne sono certa. un abbraccio alla mia stilista preferita.


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