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When everything is new, anything can happen

Boho-Dress-Mallorca-SunvibesWhen everything is new, anything can happen.
Wild hearted is the most personal collection that I have designed and made to date. 
Life and (he)artwork, they go hand in hand for me, and this collection came to life during a summer that felt like a blink and also like 10 lifetimes.
So many layers have been peeled, or in some cases, softened.
Starting a life, anew. 
Being my art the anchor I always hold on to, being the anchor the tattoo I’ll get before this month ends. Near the heart.
Have you ever felt like you’ve been hiding for so long that coming out to the beauty of the sunlight feels unfamiliar and exciting and intoxicating amd that childlike enthusiasm makes you fly (and fall, and fly again because I am stubborn and won't give up that feeling again) and you wonder about the magic of life and ask yourself where have I been all this time?
Wild hearted comes from this place of wonder, new dreams, new books, new loves, new wines, new poetry. It comes from my wild heart. 
My angel assistant Julia and I went to personally source each and every fabric to the local shop, carefully selecting them from deadstock (fabrics that are produced from past collections but might go to landfill if unsold) to bring you the colours and feelings of the life we are living here on the island in the transition between seasons. A life that is surely a privileged one in some ways, full of magic and also human and raw.
We worked lovingly on making new styles that felt soft, subtle, sexy and sovereign, making sure that our pattern making was flattering, joyful to wear, feel good.
The 3 new dress styles that are made to make you smile when you look at yourself because you can get to express your true self and let it shine.
Also, a side effect is that you will turn heads hehe. The Linda Dress (named after my grandmother), the Julia Dress (named after Julia) are little sparkles of winter boho, ready to get into your wardrobe and uplift those grey days.
We made this collection at our studio, slowly and lovingly, infusing our life experience, sunny days and stormy days into each and every piece.
For some of them, there is only one gem per fabric and style, as we believe in singularity as a precious gem of life. 
Photo by @palmainstatour
We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did making it, and 
if you have any questions about this collection, styling (or about life!), drop me a message on insta or email me and I’ll be delighted to chat.
With all the love, sunshine and thunderstorms (those are beautiful, too)

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