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Made to order 

“From the beginning of Sunvibes, I knew in my heart that I wanted to create limited edition clothing. Unique, stunning pieces for women to wear and treasure forever. To be worn on any occasion , and to embody a feeling of authenticity and freedom. One of a kind beauties to be cherished for a lifetime”.

Eli, Sunvibes founder and designer

Over the last few decades, we as a society have been conditioned to consume and overbuy and without realising the long- term effects of our behaviour, we have unintentionally become a contributing factor to the climate crisis.
Demand for new clothing continues to grow globally, yet the fashion industry has an increasingly worrying waste problem. Worldwide, 30% of clothing remains unsold as deadstock and is either put on sale or destroyed to avoid price and exclusivity issues.

The solution is complex and requires a profound change within us and the fashion industry. Thankfully this is slowly starting to happen and NOW is the time for us as a brand and you, the consumer to start making those positive changes.

We are committed to sustainability and would love you to join us and be an active part of our slow fashion journey. 

Made to order 

Why and What's in it for you?

• You choose the pieces you love from our Made to order collections (style, fabric, size) and we create your very own beautiful bespoke pieces.

• You choose your size (an ongoing request that we are very happy to now offer and bring to life.)

• It takes us up to 8 weeks to print, cut and sew your order. Bespoke and beautiful things take time and love to create and a consciously made dress is no exception.

• Save 20% if you invest in the collection early.

• We only make to order. This is better for our environment and better for our future generations. Everybody wins.

• All of our Made to order collections will include exclusive, one of a kind pieces that are designed to be treasured forever. This business model will allow us more time to research, design and create. Please expect next level beauty.

• A limited period of time to preorder will allow us to gather fabric orders, reduce our carbon print, and offer you a more personalized, luxe and feel good shopping experience.

By moving with us to this model that integrates made to order, you influence and contribute to how sustainable our business is.

“Our dream is to create a slow fashion sisterhood, where co-creation of inspired collections, upcycling of your Sunvibes and made to order treasures are woven together to tell unique, timeless, incredible stories: Your stories ”

Eli, Sunvibes founder and designer


How long does a PREORDER take?

• Allow up to 8 weeks for us to print, make and ship your order from our studio in Mallorca.

• Of course, if we are able, and depending on the workload, we will make and ship your order sooner.
• If you have a special event/occasion coming, please take into account the maximum time (8 weeks) and email us at and we'll get back to you to see if we can meet your desires.

Will you be restocking old designs or sold out pieces?

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How many styles can I choose from? Can I modify one of your styles or create my own?

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Do I have to pay the full price of the garment before you begin creating it?

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Can I change or cancel my order?

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Once the piece has been made, will you make alterations if I'm not 100% happy?

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If I find a fault on my garment, what do I do?

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