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Some of our styles are available for PREORDER ♥
What does PREORDER mean?
  • It means that when you order your dress, we will cut it and sew it especially for you, with all the love and care that it needs and deserves. 
  • It also means that we will be able to customize its length, and the sleeves length, so that it will be your unique, custom made style.
  • And last but not least, this allows us to align with our values of sustainability and slow fashion: we are not making more than what our clients really need: this means that we have very, very little waste, and no fabric or leftover stock goes to the landfill. And this feels right, and pretty cool.
    How long does a PREORDER take?
    • It takes us up to 20 business days to make and ship your order from our studio in Mallorca.
    • Of course, if we are able, and depending on the workload, we will make and ship your order sooner.
    • If you have a special event/occasion coming, please take into account the maximum time (20 business days) and email us at and we'll get back to you o see if we can meet your desires.