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Creative business mentoring 

Hi, I am Elisa

1. I am…

A fashion designer, visual storyteller and soul style mentor

2. But really...

 I’m a Medicine woman, alchemist and a magical child

3. I am amazing at: 

  • Creating intimacy and safe spaces for one to feel safe & free to be vulnerable 
  • Assessing (and boosting) the sense of self worth of the women I work with.
  • Manifesting 
  • Beauty making 
  • Uplifting through creativity 
  • Not judging

4. And I’ve devoted most of my life to...

Seeking the intrinsic worth of what being human means, and beauty making as a  tool for connection and uplift.  

5. When you work with me, you can expect...

  • Discovering some of your hidden talents 
  • A new drive 
  • Enthusiasm for your life, NOW 
  • Inspiration and actionable ideas to bring big dreams to life 
  • Radical permission to be you 
  • Fierce compassion + No judgment
  • Practical tools for you to take the next steps to your most aligned life Soul style reveals 
  • Deep, AND fun conversations

6. And you’ll probably be surprised & delighted by... 

  • The alchemy of the tools we’ll use (from neuroplasticity to tarot cards).
  • A new sense of what’s possible as I share how I completely changed my life and, most important, my perceptions of it. 
  • The sisterhood bond that we are likely to co create.

After more than 6 years of working 1:1 with my beautiful Sunvibes clients and fellow creative women, and safely holding space for their hopes, dreams, life challenges and soul style evolution, I am well equipped to include mentoring as an exciting new service branch of my brand. 

My focus is on self-worth (for self and for your creative business), as it has been specific to my own journey, and a key topic for many of my clients who often feel undeserving of feeling good, looking good, and having a truly good life and business.

It feels just right and very aligned to hold space for women that are on the same journey that I’ve been on, and share tools and practices that have worked for me, taking me from a place of a very low self worth, to healthy, delicious, expansive sense of how precious I am, to myself and to the world.

In my mentoring sessions, I offer you a safe space to explore your own relationship with self-worth, accompanied by my own personal stories and practical tools and practices including neuroplasticity, visual reprogramming, creative journaling, archetypes and style as atool for self-expression and safe embodiment.

Single mentoring session includes:

  • 1 x 60 min Zoom session 

  • Email text support for one week after the session, for you to ask questions, share wins and feedback about how you feel after our session and how you are bringing the new tools into your daily life. 

  •  I invite you to bring 2-3 topics to our session. 

  • During our session, I will invite you to share what’s on your heart and mind, then will ask you questions, and will offer practical tools, resources and practices for you to take home, and start implementing right after.

  • Your investment: 60€.

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