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Dream catcher collection 🌟                                       an ode to the sweetest season

Dream catcher collection 🌟 an ode to the sweetest season

Our autumn collection of boho dresses,
hand made in Mallorca with all the love.
Every collection starts with a feeling. A sense of the present moment, and a wish for what’s to come. This season, nature’s beauty and  the power of dreams come to life on the fabrics of our designs.
The peacock, a mysterious, and almost mythological bird, and the Native American dreamcatcher are woven into this new collection.
Island garden  đŸŒș  A bohemian autumn story

Island garden đŸŒș A bohemian autumn story

Island garden  đŸŒș  A bohemian autumn story
Inspired by childhood memories of my great grand mother’s ever blossoming garden, and the rooftop garden that I am now learning to grow and tend to on this island home, Island garden is an ode to nature's time and cycles, and the beauty of honoring the process. 
Soft, flowing, feminine, Island Garden is a limited edition collection for you to wear and blossom wherever you go.


As we step in a phase of more freedom, we are excited to introduce you to Island Girls: a new section of our blog where we interview our beautiful clients and friends, so that you can have a glimpse of our community and how the daily life on the island looks like.

We start today with my friend and boss babe Zora Sandenbergh, that is the beautiful face behind The Studio Lifestyle, where she motivates and empowers women to feel confident and strong inside their own bodies.

Moonlight Drive I The styles

Moonlight Drive I The styles

Discover the Boho styles of our newest collection.

Much loved classics and new designs for the modern day bohemian, with a vintage inspired flare.

Dresses, maxi skirts and kimonos, made in Mallorca with lots of love.

THE SEWING CIRCLE                                   A creative women’s retreat in Mallorca

THE SEWING CIRCLE A creative women’s retreat in Mallorca

A glimpse into a day of connection, sisterhood, nourishment pattern making and sewing with intention close to nature, in Mallorca.
The Ilona boho dress

The Ilona boho dress

This morning I've been working on the final touches on a new prototype: 
I thought it would be fun to share with you a little glimpse into the process of turning a prototype into a style that makes it to our website, and the final result.
Andalusia Roadtrip

Andalusia Roadtrip

Lovely memories and few travel tips from a recent road trip to the South of Spain.


Maja for Sunvibes

Maja for Sunvibes

We met Maja, the (beautiful) face behind Travel Palma, some weeks ago at MyMuybueno women in business breakfast, and we quickly became friends.
We love her lifestyle blog about her life on Mallorca,
so we asked her to pick her favorite Sunvibes pieces and bring us to her favorite spots 
in Palma.
We also asked her some little questions about her beginnings with her blog,
amd about her favorite things to do in Palma on a weekend.
Read her interview below
Boho style in winter: tips and tricks

Boho style in winter: tips and tricks

 Boho style in winter I tips and tricks
It may seem challenging to find a sense of boho romantic style in winter, but think of the cold season as a way to get more creative with fashion.
When I need that extra hint of inspiration, I like to go through pics of my muses: images of music festivals from the 70’s, all those rockstar vibes, all that freedom.
Once I have a moodboard on my mind, I dive into my closet to see how I can combine preloved, vintage and Sunvibes pieces.
Menorca I  The island next door

Menorca I The island next door

Earlier this year our team spent few days in Menorca, our neighbor island.

Menorca really is a boho little slice of paradise, with so much magic and beautiful landscape that invite to take road trips and discover all its beauty.

We put together this little travel guide as we thought you might like to read about our fave spots on the island. 

Mallorca boho days

Mallorca boho days

t is no secret that Mallorca is to us an endless source of inspiration every day,
with its laid back, boho vibes and its dreamy landscapes
 It is also no secret that we love fashion and aesthetics from the 70's and that we have a soft spot for floral patterns.
So when we spotted these amazing boho fabrics during a trip to the textile shop, we could not help but dreaming up a new collection, and start hand making few pieces that we are dreaming to wear already.